Trading strategies and Risk Management

In our most advanced trading course, you will learn how the concepts introduced in earlier modules are utilized in ‘real world’ scenarios. Moving from the theoretical to the practical, articles cover a range of technical indicators and their application, risk management, and how price action analysis can support a technical approach.

1、Global Macro

Global macro looks at the big picture, and in this sub-module we introduce a proprietary model for following global economic relationships.
Browse the articles below to learn about a proprietary method for following global economic relationships.

2、Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Looking to improve your ability to identify new trends? Discover how the MACD indicator can help.
Build on your knowledge of MACD and see it in action as we elaborate on a MACD trading strategy and explain how this technical indicator can be used to not only identify trends but also the entry and exit points of a trade.

3、Trading with Pitchfork and Slopes

Pitchfork trading and slope analysis can help you make sense of trending markets. Learn how to apply them in your trading.

4、Building a Trading Strategy with Bollinger Bands

Learn how Bollinger Bands® can help you gauge trends, monitor for breakouts, and boost your technical analysis.