Technical analysis is useful for navigating the constantly-changing financial markets and for processing the wealth of information coming your way. In this trading course, you can master the basics of chart reading, and learn how technical indicators, time frame analysis and sentiment analysis can assist with buy/sell decisions.

1、Learn Technical Analysis

1、 Charting FX Trends

Your technical analysis learning starts with the basics of interpreting charts, navigating trends and trading with support and resistance.

2、Technical Analysis Tools

1、Trading Tools to Time Markets

Discover the importance of technical analysis tools such as RSI and Ichimoku to help you respond to technical signals, and learn how to use price action to inform your trading decisions.

2、Your Technical Indicator Toolbox

Learn more about technical analysis tools with our thorough breakdown of indicators such as Moving Average, Stochastics and MACD, as well as key definitions such as overbought and oversold.

3、Lagging vs Leading Indicators

Boost your knowledge of lagging and leading indicators with our comprehensive definition pieces and the circumstances in which to trade them.

3、Time Frame Analysis

Determining your Chart Time Frame

Get started on time frame analysis with an overview of the best time of day to trade forex and how to utilize multiple time frame analysis.

4、Market Sentiment

1、Let Fellow Traders Help You

Familiarize yourself with the basics of analyzing market sentiment, with our guidance on understanding IG client sentiment data and how to interpret the Commitment of Traders report.

2、In-Depth with IG Client Sentiment

Learn more about DailyFX’s proprietary indicator based on real data from live traders on parent company IG’s platforms.

3、Trading Strategies with IGCS

Learn how to incorporate IGCS data and indications into various trading strategies, ranging from scalping to long-term trading.

5、Single Candle Patterns

1、Single Candle Patterns

Master the basics of candlestick trading with our guidance on how to read candlesticks, as well as navigating single patterns from the Bullish Hammer to the Shooting Star and more.

6、Two Candle Patterns

1、Two Candle Patterns

This section explores two candle patterns, with in-depth information on identifying and utilizing formations such as Bullish and Bearish Engulfing, Harami candlesticks, Piercing Line and more.

7、Three Candle Patterns

1、Three Candle Patterns

Learn how to trade three candle patterns, including the Morning Star and Evening Star which signal possible reversals in FX markets.

2、Candlestick Patterns for Experienced Traders

Hone your knowledge of more complex candlestick patterns, Long Wicks and Inside bars, with our in-depth advice for more experienced traders.

8、Find Market Turning Points with Support & Resistance

1、Find Market Turning Points with Support & Resistance

Get started in support and resistance with our articles on supply and demand, psychological levels and the significance of forex whole numbers.

9、Identifying Hidden Levels of Support & Resistance

1、Identifying Hidden Levels of Support & Resistance

This section will help boost your understanding of hidden levels of support and resistance, with in-depth advice on the various types of pivot points and how to utilize them in your trading strategy.

10、Common Chart Patterns Traders Look For

1、Premade Block

The articles below delve into some of the more common chart patterns used to trade the financial markets, particularly forex. Learn how to spot the formations and how to incorporate them into your strategy.